Electronic Cigarettes London

Imagine all the benefits of a product that looks, feels, tastes and smokes like a tobacco cigarette without all the nasty smells and cancer causing chemicals. Our refills come in a variety of flavours and strengths to suit your particular needs, and at a huge cost saving when compared to traditional cigarettes.

MagiCig Refills are a container for the e-liquid. It is not a medical device and we make no claims to help a person quit smoking, however MagiCig products do offer a much healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking real cigarettes.


Electronic cigarette refills are offered in three different strengths depending on your preference. If you want to experience the benefits of smoking the new way, an electronic cigarette kit is a great way to get started.

Any smoker can tell you that smoking is an expensive habit. Are you tired of spending hundreds of pounds a month on smoking? We want the e-cig experience to be a comfortable journey from traditional tobacco smoking to the smart alternative.

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